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Ship Multiple Packages While Saving On Shipping Cost

At our Oregon warehouse, customers having multiple packages from different merchants is a common sitch. It’s one of the benefits of shopping from US stores using a comGateway US address, right? 0% sales tax FTW!

But multiple packages mean multiple shipping costs, which is a huge pain in the pocket and makes cross-border shopping discouraging. Multiple shipping costs, multiple worries, only one solution: our OneBox service.

HOW TO SHIP multiple packages with LESS shipping costs

What is OneBox? 

With OneBox, our team will remove excess and unnecessary packing from multiple packages (chosen by the customer) and combine them into one container or polybag.

Availing of OneBox can remove an average of 40% up to 80% from your overall shipping weight. Check out the video and photos below to see for yourself.

Multiple packages
Multiple packages without availing of OneBox service


Multiple packages combined using OneBox

How OneBox is done and how it can earn you tons of savings

Question: What if the box for OneBox is too big for all my packages? Then, we’ll cutdown the box. Check it here:

See? If you love to shop from multiple US stores, then OneBox perfect for you. With a few clicks and taps, you can ship multiple packages with less shipping costs from the US to your doorstep.


OneBox Train Promo 

Choo! Choo! Make way for comGateway’s OneBox Train Promo!


1. Every comGateway shopper is eligible for a $3 OneBox fee discount from 15 February to 28 February. Just enter the code CG1BOX3OFF at checkout. The code is for single use only.

2. Shoppers who shipped in February will instantly get a $6 OneBox fee discount for the entire month of March.

3. If you shipped in March, you will instantly get a $10 OneBox fee discount during the month of April.

4. Customers that are eligible for the discounts will receive notifications via our newsletter, so, make sure you are subscribed.

Hop on comGateway’s train of OneBox discounts and live through the mantra of “Shop more, Save more!”

Note: The OneBox Train promo is not valid for Business Member users.


From here on, there are two options:

Option 1:

You close this page and go on with your multiple shipments with multiple shipping costs. You probably think you can afford it, that’s why you don’t need it.

However, if you want to save as much money as you want while still enjoying cross-border shopping, then you should…

Option 2:

Register for free with comGateway, shop from your fave US stores, and avail of OneBox to maximize your shipping savings.

Of these options, ask yourself: Do you stick with what you’re used to? Or explore a new way to save money while still enjoying what you like?


Enjoy our premier OneBox service and OneBox Train promo when you sign up for a free comGateway account now.

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