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Spice up your kitchen with these décor elements

The kitchen is the heart of every family home. More than a place to prepare our meals, the time spent with our loved ones and the discussions that take place in the kitchen with family create some of our fondest memories. Adding little decorative touches to your kitchen will instantly add personality to the atmosphere, helping you serve up some positive energy and good vibes. Besides creating a cozy atmosphere, some of these décor elements can be used for food preparations, cooking and storage. Little things make a huge difference, so read on to discover some decorative elements you can integrate into your kitchen.

Antique White Shabby Lantern

Antique White Shabby Lantern Pair.png
Antique White Shabby Lantern Pair (2) ,  $58.00
Item Dimension – Wood Base 10.5″ x 5.5″ Lantern 8.5″ x 4″
International Shipping Weight – 4.00 kg.

A perfect ornament for country style kitchen, each lantern is hung from a black wrought iron hook mounted on a knotty pinewood board. Insert some glowing tealights to instantly add a cozy atmosphere to your home!

Urbio Organizer and Indoor Planter

The Urbio Urban Vertical Garden is the first-ever magnetic vertical garden and organization system consisting of a standardized wall plate and modular containers of various sizes that snap into place using high-strength magnets. Completely customizable, Urbio is very easy to install, and includes a wall template for pre-planning the layout of your indoor vertical garden.


Big Happy Family Kit, $174.99

An easy way to bring organization and green plants into your space, use the Big Happy Family kit to store and stack spices, fresh herbs, recipe books, stationary, and miscellaneous kitchen tools. Individual containers and compartments can also be bought separately to grow your collection.


Brushed Wire Bowl


Brushed Wire Bowl$12.00 – $68.00

Handmade and sold individually to allow you to customize the size of your tiers, these bowl can store a variety of essential ingredients from small fruit to garlic bulbs, red onions, and potatoes. Made of copper wire and bamboo, it displays beautifully on kitchen counters and lets you quickly grab whatever you need for the chopping board.


Berry basket: 2.75″H, 5.75″
SquareFruit bowl: 5.5″H, 11.5″ diameter
Demi bread basket: 3″H, 11.25″L, 5.75″W
Tiered basket: 15″H, 10.5″L, 7.5″W

 Ceramic Trays for Fresh Produce

Birch-Lane-McCann-Tray-Set (1).jpg

McCann Tray Set, $99

This ceramic tray set of two has plenty of room to store fresh produce after your grocery trip.  Large leafy greens, and fruit will look amazing in the classic blue and white terracotta  design.

Ceramic Spoon Rest


Compagnon Spoon Rest$12.00

Dimensions: 7.75”L, 4.25”W

Don’t know where to put the spoon after a tasting? This intricately designed ceramic spoon rest will do just the trick! Place it neatly on this adorable porcupine spoon rest between tasting sessions. Dishwasher and microwave safe.


Two-Tier Autumn Leaves Server

Two-Tier Autumn Leaves Server.png

Two-Tier Autumn Leaves Server , $19.99
Item Dimention – 11″H x 16″W
International Shipping Weight – 2.50 kg

Warm and inviting, this table centerpiece is a beautiful and classic addition to any dining table. The leaves can be folded up when not being used to serve wrapped treats and finger food.

Dairy Pail Utensil Jar


Dairy Pail Utensil Jar$28.00

Use this dairy pail inspired utensil jar to neatly store all your tall spoons and utensils. This elegant design is hand-painted, and made of stoneware and acacia wood.

Handmade Metal Magnolia Wreath


Dimensions: 20″ dia. x 5″D


This handmade metal magnolia wreath has delicate white petals that are so lifelike it’s hard to believe they’re made of metal! Each petal is hand-cut and hand-pieced by artisans to create a unique and beautiful masterpiece worthy of a prominent place on any wall, indoors or out. Subtle variations of white and cream mirror the magnolia flower’s natural beauty.

Cast Iron Bird Branch Wall Art

getDynamicImage (1).jpg

Cast Iron Bird Branch Wall Art, $99.95

Dimensions: 35-1/4″L x 4-3/4″D x 22-3/4″H

Bring nature inside with our beautifully detailed tree branch wall art. Three little birds and graceful leaves add depth and realism for a peaceful, picturesque display in any room. Made of durable cast iron with a handsome dark bronze powder coating for use indoors or out.

Vibrant Rugs


Brighten up your tiles kitchen floors with a versatile rug that can camouflage spills, and help prevent slips, falls and tracking dirt. Birch Lane designs some of the most beautiful natural material rugs to grace your floor, matching any tile or wood surface easily.

What makes Birch Lane a great place to shop for rugs is that each design comes with different sizing options and shape options so you can choose the perfect fit for your kitchen or home.


Marcelina Blue Indoor/Outdoor Rug$41.00 for 2’3″ x 3’9″ (Other sizing options available)


Michelle Indoor/Outdoor Rug$75.00 for 2’x 3′ (Other sizing options available)

This nautical pattern of traditional sailing knots set against a navy background is woven from durable fibers and can withstand both daily foot traffic and inclement weather.


Alejandra Indoor/Outdoor Rug, $41 for  2′ x 3’7″ (Other sizing options available)

Love the monochrome look? Overlapping diamonds create a dynamic pattern on this rug. Woven in Turkey, this rug boasts durable fibers that can withstand both heavy foot traffic and the elements.


Maricruz Charcoal/Natural Rug, $50 for 2’3″ x 3’9″ (Other sizing options available)

The geometric floral design used on the Maricruz Rug offers a modern take on a classic motif. Woven with a mixture of jute and cotton, it’s an easy way to add color and pattern to your space.


Kate & Spade ‘All in good taste’ Glass Cutting Boards

Kate & Spade 'all in good taste' glass cutting boards.png

Kate & Spade ‘all in good taste’ glass cutting boards (Set of 2) ,  $25.00
Item Dimension – 8″ x 10″ or  10″ x 13″
International Shipping Weight –  3.00 kg

This is one cutting board  you won’t hide in the storage! Slice and dice in sophisticated style with these brightly patterned food-prep boards made of easy-to-clean tempered glass.

Modern Kitchen Art Prints – Bon Appetit Set


Modern Kitchen Art Prints – Bon Appetit Set, $68.50
Item Dimension -11″ x 14″ (4 pcs.)
International Shipping Weight – 4.00 kg

Colorful cheery graphic prints complement modern or contemporary interiors, giving you feel-good vibes every time you step in the kitchen! Printed professionally on Fuji Crystal Archive, this Bon Appetit set has a high quality print that will remain vibrant on your walls for years to come.

Welcome Chef Wall Décor

Welcome Chef Wall Décor.pngWelcome Chef Wall Décor , $49.99
Item Dimension – 20.50″ x 37.75″ x 1.75″
International Shipping Weight – 15.00 kg.

Cheery and fun, this chef cooks up a warm welcome for you and your visitors!

Screw-In Stained Glass Pendant Light

Screw-In Stained Glass Pendant Light.png

Screw-In Stained Glass Pendant Light , $79.95
Item Dimension – 8″ dia. x 8″H
International Shipping Weight – 4.00 kg

This stained glass pendant light screws into any recessed light for a beautiful home update in an instant! These lights creates a refined focal point and soft lighting in your kitchen.

Vintage Metal Sign


Love the retro look? Vintage food signs lend a rustic, country charm that is nostalgic of old diners and traditional coffee houses. Boost your appetite and put anyone in the mood for food with these colorful signs advertising delicious foods and fresh ingredients.


Fresh Eggs in Bowl Wood Look Metal Sign, $15.99
Item Dimension – 16 x 12 inches
International Shipping Weight – 2.50 kg


Strawberries and Cream Country Metal Sign, $15.99
Item Dimension – 16 x 12 inches
International Shipping Weight – 2.50 kg


Hot Coffee Best Drink Of All Metal Sign, $15.99
Item Dimension – 12 x 9 inches
International Shipping Weight – 2 kg


Grow Your Own Veggies Country Kitchen Metal Sign, $15.99
Item Dimension – 16 x 12 inches
International Shipping Weight – 2.50 kg



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