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Sports hacks: The simplest ways to make sports easy

Not all of us are sports pros but it doesn’t mean we can’t be our own athlete. We may not make it to Olympics, but we can take the easier route to build our athletic prowess. And whether you consider sports a career path to take, a road to fitness, or a pastime, these sporting goods will make your experience easier, safer, and more fun:


Smart Helmet BH60 by LIVALL
International shipping weight – 5 kg

Gone are the days when helmets are designed solely for protection. LIVALL’s smart helmet has a walkie-talkie feature, can receive calls, and play music. BH60 is also mounted with taillights that serve as turn signals controlled by a remote. LIVALL also amplifies the helmet’s safety features with SOS Alert function to make sure that you can get help anytime, anywhere. As the first smart helmet to hit the market, BH60 takes cycling up to its tech-savviest level to date.



Tennis Elbow Pain Relieving Sleeve by Hammacher Schlemmer
International shipping weight – 0.5 kg

The “only cordless neuromuscular stimulator sleeve” in the market provides relief from tennis elbow pains for as long as 15 hours. This device adopts the TENS method of pain relief therapy and is not recommended for those with pacemakers.



Night Runner 270º by Night Runner
International shipping weight – 1 kg

Light the way with this pair of LED shoe lights that guarantees 270 degrees of visibility for up to 30+ feet. Enclosed in a water-resistant and high-impact case, Night Runner 270º keeps you and your terrain visible even in the middle of a downpour.



Big League Pro Pitching Machine by Trend Sports
International shipping weight – 5 kg

Perfect your swing with the help of this pro-pitching machine. Big League Pro delivers a series of flawless toss that helps players improve their hand-eye coordination. It is also lightweight and sturdy, thus making it easy to move and transport.

Table Tennis


Portable Ping Pong by Pongo
International shipping weight – 2.0 kg

Brush up on your table tennis skills no matter where you are with Pongo’s Ping Pong set. Its retractable net can expand to 6 feet, thus making it easier for you to set it up anywhere. Just find a table and a friendly opponent and you can start your mini tournament.



Powerbreather Wave by Ameo
International shipping weight – 1.5 kg

Here’s the device that gives you an edge over decorated Olympians. Powerbreather Wave allows you to breathe underwater for extended laps in the pool and longer snorkeling adventure. The device comes with two different types of tips for swimming pool and open water use.


Transcend Goggles by Zeal
International shipping weight – 1.5 kg

Skiing takes on a new perspective with the first GPS-enabled winter sports goggles. With the help of Recon system, Transcend lets you monitor your performance through a web-based platform called Engage. You can also share your best ski runs on social media through Engage’s “playback” feature.


Laser Putter by Argon
International shipping weight – 4.5 kg

It’s not easy to be on the same level as Tiger Woods or Jack Nicklaus but a little guide won’t hurt. Tune your putting skills with Argon Laser Putter’s 3-laser rails that lay down the perfect path to nail that hole-in-one shot.



SockIt from Gadgets and Wearables
International shipping weight – 0.5 kg

When Joe Briganti saw his daughters kicking the soccer ball with their toes, he designed SockIt to correct and improve their technique. SockIt helps players get acquainted with proper kicks and strikes, thus refining their skills and lessening chances of injury.



Kick-Out 360º by SKLZ
International shipping weight – 5.5 kg

Stop chasing the ball around the court and focus on practicing your shots with SKLZ’s rotating chute. Just attach the equipment to the basketball ring and the ball will bounce back to you after a successful shot.


Sports is a serious business, but it’s not always meant to be played the hard way. If you’re already into sports or planning to get into one, don’t forget to check these kits out.




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