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Style Essentials for Every Man’s Wardrobe

With the right wardrobe elements, putting your day to day outfit together becomes an effortless task. High quality  basic pieces in versatile colors that match easily will enjoy a longer shelf life in your wardrobe. Great basics become routine go-to pieces without compromising on style and personality.  In short, these basic items will become the building blocks of your personal style.

Kit Harrington (a.k.a. Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch) has this down to an art, with the basic plain t-shirt, a casual belt, slim fit dark wash jeans, and boots: the perfect foil to his smouldering stare (unfortunately, you can’t purchase that).


Here are some tips and tricks to know when it comes to picking wardrobe staples that fit you to perfection.

#1: The Plain Tee

The plain, short sleeved t-shirt is not only super comfortable, it’s a timeless element that looks great worn on its own, or used for layering in colder climates. Pro Tip: T-shirts in high quality fabrics not only make you look smarter, they also ensure those pesky nipples don’t show through.

Choosing The Right Cut

The key to choosing your cut depends very much on the length of your neck: Crew cuts are more flattering on longer necks, whereas a V-shaped neckline would elongate the profiles of shorter necked friends.

Size Matters

While there is a common misconception that sizing up can make us look smaller and/or slimmer, clothes sized wrongly can make their wearers appear sloppy. A well-fitted shirt on the other hand, creates a slimmer look and a neater appearance.

Our Pick

Made from fine, hand-picked Peruvian Pima cotton, Left Coast Tee’s high quality, durable  t-shirts have a high quality finishing that come with a slight, and flattering sheen. Discreet logo details and high quality hems ensure this staple piece can endure years of frequent wear.


Left Coast Tee

#2: A Belt

The belt you pick can either make or break your outfit. In some circles, they’re even seen as a litmus test for style. Woven finishes and detailing such as animal patterns employed effectively help to elevate your outfit.

Casual Belts

Never underestimate what a versatile casual belt can do for you: The casual belt smartens up casual outfits, helping you go from casual to Beach Formal (yes, it’s a real thing) in seconds. Casual belts come in all colours and materials, generally with a matte finish. allenedmonds_belts_newland-ave_black-soft-pebble-grain.jpg

Newland Ave Casual Belt, $105.00

Formal Belts

Dress belts for formal occasions or work should have a glossy finish and a sleek buckle to match. Our favorite is by Allen Edmonds for great classic style, quality, and color options. allenedmonds_belt_poplar_black.jpg

Poplar Dress Belt with Interchangeable Buckle, $98.00


#3 White sneakers

White sneakers look best when they’re in leather or canvas, and match casual outfits easily.

Want a recommendation?

The Lennon is a sporty, oxford-style sneaker made with premium Italian leather. This pair features a cushioned insole, breathable leather lining, and a custom rubber cup sole for superior comfort and performance.




Street Style inspiration:

image by

#4 Dark Wash Jeans

Dark wash jeans are a staple in every man’s wardrobe. The key to finding a flattering pair is to first understand your build.

Slight to Regular Build

Slim-fit jeans hug thighs, knees and calves comfortably, while tapering down at the ankles, making it the best fit for men with slight to regular builds.

We recommend:


Jay Profile Raw Jeans, $175

Medium to Large Build

As for those with larger builds: the classic “Straight-Leg” fit will look more flattering and even out the proportions of your body. Meanwhile, skinny jeans could potentially make larger men look top heavy.

We recommend:


#5 The Oxford shirt

The iconic Cambridge Oxford is perhaps the most ubiquitous of all shirting fabrics.

What sets an Oxford shirt apart from a regular button down is its discreet texture and softer appearance. A fine woven cotton shirt gives a stiffer, more formal appearance whereas comfortable Oxfords let you coast through the weekend with a pair of jeans.




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