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Tech Treats for Your Pet

Technology is literally going to the dogs (and cats too)! One of the key benefits of modern technology is that it lets us share experiences with our favorite people, even if they happen to be thousands of miles away.

Keep Fit with Your Dog

FitBark monitors your dog’s everyday activity and sleep and turns it into actionable health insights. It’s a fun and convenient way to motivate your dog (and you!) to be healthy, explain changes in behavior, make better decisions with your vet, and share memorable moments with friends and family.

With the Fitbark app you can review daily & weekly records and goal streaks, and see a weekly report comparing your dog with dogs of similar age and weight, breed or all FitBark dogs so you know if your dog is getting adequate exercise.


Fitbark app and collar


Fetch Frenzy!

The new iFetch Frenzy for small to midsize dogs USD$39.95

The iFetch automatic ball dispenser that lets your dog play fetch even when you’re not around. It is not electronic and doesn’t require any batteries to function.Depending on the size of your dog you may choose between the iFetch, iFetchFrenzy and iFetch Too that dispenses different sized balls at different distances to suit the needs of every pet.

The iFetch for small to midsize dogs USD$115
iFetch Too for larger dogs launching regular size tennis balls USD$199.99
The iFetch Too for larger dogs is also ideal for outdoor play

Give Your Dog a Treat, Anywhere

Away from home and miss tossing treats to your best friend? Using WiFi technology, the Petzi Treat Cam lets you toss treats at your pet remotely. Bonus: It also comes with a camera with night vision and audio!

All you need to get started is a bag of treats, and a smartphone or tablet:

  1. Fill your Petzi treat launcher with dry treats (smaller than 1-inch works great)
  2. Position it somewhere your pet can chase the treats that the Petzi dispenses

The Petzi quite literally flings treats out, so this is particularly good for animal friends who love jumping for treats!


What we really love about the Petzi though, is its integrated social network. Like a Facebook for Pets, snaps you capture via the Petzi can be shared with family and friends.

Petzi Treat Cam, USD $169.99

For the Outdoor Pooch


If your pet sends a considerable amount of time outdoors, you may want to pickup a Poochlight to keep them in sight when it gets darker.

Keep your dog visible during evening walks

The LED light up safety collar will warn motorists, pedestrians and vehicles with a viewing distance of up to half a mile (1 kilometer). The Poochlight is water resistant, fully rechargeable and uses 2 pairs of LED lights on each end of the collar and lead with Optical fiber strips for greater visibility, flexibility and comfort.

Double Rainbow RGB Poochlight Light Up Flashing Dog Collar, USD$29.95
Monster Mash Poochlight Light Up Flashing Dog Leash USD$44.95

Check out their fun website here for more colors, styles, and matching leashes.

For the Always Missing Cat

The Pod Pet Tracker, USD$199

The Pod is designed to attach to any size collar and lets you locate your pet on demand, monitor their activity and record adventures on your smartphone or computer. The unit comes with an embedded SIM card and a mobile plan so it works straight out of the box.

The new generation Pod 2 now has WiFi, which helps deliver faster positions and offers the ability to locate indoors.

Pod uses a combination of GPS, WiFi and cellular technology to locate your pet. Communication between the Pod and the app is handled by the 2G cellular network, which is subject to coverage in your area.

Never lose your pet again!


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