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The British gentleman: Stocking your closet with the British Empire

“And though it is much to be a nobleman, it is more to be a gentleman.”  

— Anthony Trollope

The pull of an English gentleman’s charm knows no bounds and the descendants of Mr. Darcy has a stronghold on the top of the “ideal man” list. But why is it that the gentleman description is so closely associated with the British male species?  According to Sir Patrick Moore, “good manners” is the height of Englishness, but it may also have something to do with the proper way of dressing up, which is a huge deal in the British gentleman etiquette.


British men have a sartorial flair that embodies their refined manner. From the tailor-fit and immaculately pressed suit, the seamlessly tied cravat, down to the well-polished shoes – everything is so well put together like they’re always ready to sweep a lady off her feet.


Fortunately, you neither have to be formally schooled on the English standards of decorum to emulate the fashion of a dapper English gent, nor you need that coveted accent. You just need the right pieces and the suave confidence to pull that British gentleman’s look. Here are the ensemble ideas we’ve gathered.


Skinny Fit Suit Jacket by Topman
International shipping weight – 5.5 kg

A gentleman knows when to mean business, and nothing spells this intention better than a suit. This set from Topman also gives a bit of twist from the usual monochrome with its checkered pattern in brown and burgundy color.


Ludlow Blazer In Herringbone English Tweed by J.Crew
International shipping weight – 3.5 kg3

You may not be meeting with a potential business partner, but it doesn’t mean you have to dress down and be less impressive. This blazer from J. Crew offers a more laid-back take on the traditional blazer for a comfortably stylish feel.


Lambswool Rich Sweater With All Over Fairisle by Asos
International shipping weight – 1.5 kg

Have you ever heard or read the word “jumper” in a British context and got confused because it’s not what you think it is? Jumper is a sweater – a more casual take on the gentleman’s fashion, but put the right jacket over and you can turn it into something more. If you prefer shirts that you can put a tie on, this plaid piece from Ralph Lauren makes a great choice.


Slim-Fit Stretch Poplin Shirt by Ralph Lauren
International shipping weight – 1 kg


Chinos Skinny Fit by H&M
International shipping weight – 1.5 kg

A proper pair of trousers doesn’t need to be woolen to pass the gentleman’s fashion requirements. This skinny fit pair from H&M should give your outfit a modern touch; it can also be a very versatile pair, given the right top.


Fair Isle Scarf by Brooks Brothers
International shipping weight – 0.5 kg

Whether you’re wearing it as a fashion statement or protection against the elements, a properly tied scarf is definitely more appealing than a piece of fabric carelessly wrapped around your neck or draped over your shoulder. Choosing the design and the right material is also important, and this woolen scarf from Brooks Brothers not just guarantees to keep you warm, but also make you look like the cool squire that you are.


Wiseacre Wool Plaid by The Tie Bar
International shipping weight – 0.5 kg

Another gentleman’s closet essential is a tie, and this strip of fabric is a critical piece because it has to be tied correctly. Brush up on your Windsor knot skills and this wool checked tie from The Tie Bar can leave you looking like a prince.


Various guides on how to be a gentleman highlight manners and etiquette the most, and while these are the core elements to the makings of a refined gent, a good fashion sense also helps. Hats off to all the gentlemen and gentlemen-in-the-making reading this post!



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