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Choosing Your Bicycles Wisely

Bicycles have always been a famous mode of transportation and an exercise equipment. Most bikes, however, seem to lack in the “style” department. They don’t have much room for uniqueness and, unfortunately, aesthetics. We see the usual bikes everywhere but it doesn’t mean that we have to settle with the boring-looking ones because they are easily within our reach. There are more to bicycles than just the pedals, two wheels, steering bar, and chains – allow us to introduce you to some of them.


Bike-Chopper Bike-Micargi Bronco 3.0 GTS.png

26″ Bronco 3.0 GTS by Micargi
International shipping weight – 40 kg

This beast of a bike is assembled with a heavy frame perfect for supporting an engine, just in case you would like to have it custom-made into a mini-motorcycle. Although turning this into an e-bike will require major work, not to mention the risk of ruining its overall aesthetic, it is safe to say that the Bronco will not lose its heavy-duty status whether as a mechanical bike or an electronic one.

Bike-Tandem Bike-Northwoods Tandem Bike 21-Speed Dual Drive.png

26″ Tandem Bike 21-Speed Dual Drive by Northwoods
International shipping weight – 56 kg

Cycling alone can be lonely but you don’t have to find someone with a ride to keep you company. Northwoods’ tandem bike is designed as it is so you can enjoy a fun cycling experience with a friend as you get fit together.

Bike-Tri Wheel Bike-ASA Products Mobo Triton Pro Silver Tri-501S.png

Mobo Triton Pro Silver Tri-501S by ASA Products
International shipping weight – 40 kg

This is technically a tricycle, but it has pedals like bicycles do, so let’s count it in. Mobi Triton Pro may not be built for long-distance travel or intense workout but its unique design allows you to enjoy a leisure ride while sitting back and having fun.

Bike-Wooden Bike-Zew Tan Bamboo 70-inch x 24-inch x 41-inch Single-speed Eco-friendly Urban Bicycle.png

World Eco Bamboo Bike by Zero Emission
International shipping weight – 53 kg

This beautiful ode to Mother Nature will surely draw attention wherever you ride it to. Its classic beach cruiser build makes it an ideal choice for an environment-friendly ride around beach boardwalks or parks.

ZiZZO Campo Folding Bike by EuroMini
International shipping weight – 40 kg

Whoever claims that bikes are not portable may not be aware of folding bikes. Get on your foldable bicycle and bike your way to work while getting your dose of physical exercise at the same time. If you need to board a train or a bus, you can easily fold it to less than half of its original size.

Bike-Electric Bike-Cyclamatic CX2 Folding Electric Bike.png

Folding Electric Bike by Cyclamatic
International shipping weight – 44 kg

This is another bike that you can tote around but its electric propulsion takes things up a notch. Cyclamatic’s foldable e-bike is a great time and space saver as it can be folded in less than 5 minutes and fits “easily into an incredibly compact space.”

Bike-Baby Carrier Bike-Zigo Leader X1 Carrier Bicycle.png

Zigo Leader X1 Carrier Bicycle by Zigo
International shipping weight – 50 kg

You can now do your exercises outdoors with your tot in tow using Zigo’s carrier bicycle. The bike and the ChildPod (carrier) are also detachable, which means you can use the bicycle independently and convert the ChildPod into a stroller for your baby.


A5 Lux Scooter by Razor
International shipping weight – 7 kg has just turned scooters into the most fashionable bikes with fashion news editor, Liana Satenstein, switching to this mini mode of transport during the New York Fashion Week 2016. Liana even unveiled that Jorden Bickham, Vogue’s executive fashion editor, is also in love with scooters and even has a dedicated Instagram page for it. Bickham, however, won’t admit that scooters are chic enough to be a fashion statement.

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Now you're cool! Read all about it on @voguemagazine

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Take your pick and coast down the streets with these bicycles but be prepared for the admiring (read: jealous) stares from onlookers who will put these standout two-wheelers on their Christmas list.

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