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What Are HK Shoppers Buying from the U.S.?


Before you arrived at this blog, did you just went to Google and searched: “things to buy in USA cheaper than in Hong Kong”? Yes? Then it’s your lucky day! We’ve already scoured the internet for the answer to your latest search query. 

HK shoppers love to shop for US-authentic products. Our most recent data showed that they love to go to specific US online stores using their comGateway US address.

things to buy in U.S.A. cheaper than HONG KONG

Why do they love shopping from US stores? Well, you’ll see the reason in the graphic below. The (price) difference is just too obvious!

The amount of money they save between shopping from the US instead of local stores is why HK shoppers prefer US online stores. Now, do you want to experience US shopping yourself and enjoy amazing deals and discounts? Here are a few tips:



Tip #1: Combine multiple packages in one box or container to save money.

Money-saving shipping services should always be a priority for cross-border shoppers. For example, comGateway’s OneBox service can reduce up to 80% of a package’s shipping weight. It’ll save you a bunch of bucks, right?  

In OneBox, we will remove unnecessary packaging of items of your choice. We will safely and securely combine them in a box to reduce your overall shipping weight and earn you savings.

In OneBox, we will remove the unnecessary packaging of your chosen items and combine them in a box or a polybag. Rest assured that we will carefully and expertly pack the items in one container and have them ready for air transport. 

Learn more about OneBox here.


Tip #2: Get a sales-tax-free US address.

Cross-border shopping only becomes expensive due to additional fees such as sales tax. But with US freight forwarders like comGateway, we will help you veer away from US sales tax. 

Register an account with comGateway, and you will get a sales-tax-free US address that you can use when you checkout your US purchases. Bonus: Compared to other US freight forwarders, comGateway does NOT require any membership fee.

Upon purchasing an item from a US store, you’ll receive notifications once your packages have arrived at your US address. Using your comGateway account, you can freely manage how you want to ship them home or anywhere worldwide.

Register for free here.


Tip #3: Are there shopping discounts?

Yes, comGateway is a shipping company, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have shopping discounts or coupons.  

You can find our irresistible shopping coupons here. Pair these with our shipping discounts, and your savings will keep getting bigger and bigger.


Tip #4: Look for more shipping perks.

comGateway is thankful and appreciative for loyal customers. Thus, our Prime Rewards system lets you receive more shipping rewards the more packages you ship.

A comGateway account is upgraded to Prime status for 6 months after making 3 international shipments. A Prime account has the following perks:

– Up to 5% discount on shipping rates

– 7% of item cost for BuyForMe service

Faster shipping for standard rates

– Free 60-day storage of packages

Repacking and consolidation discounts


Quick note! 

comGateway has a limited-time shipping promo for HK customers! Check out the details of their flat-fee shipping promo here


Start getting answers for your search query “things to buy in USA that are cheaper than in Hong Kong” and start shopping using your own US address. Register for a comGateway account now.  

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