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What Singaporeans Are Buying From the US


What Singaporeans are buying from the US blog cover

Singaporeans lead Southeast Asia when it comes to cross-border shopping, and two of their favorite online stores are US-based.

Wondering why? That is because shopping from US online stores is cheaper and gives you access to US-exclusive products—both revealed in PayPal’s 2018 survey to be the top reasons why cross-border shopping has become a trend.

Thanks to comGateway, you can now make your dream US purchases come true and have them shipped to Singapore with amazing discounts.

Have you decided what you want to buy yet? If not, don’t fret, as we’ve compiled what people are already buying from the US and shipping home to SG.

Top US online stores for SG shoppers

things to buy in USA cheaper than singapore

These Items Are Cheaper in the US

Here are some tips to help you ship and save:

Tip #1: Combine your packages in one box.

Shopping at multiple US online stores could lead to numerous packages. With comGateway’s OneBox service, you can reduce your shipping weight by up to 80%.

In OneBox, we remove unnecessary packaging of items of your choice and combine them in a box. Once your packages arrive in our warehouse, our team will assess them within 1 to 2 business days to check if they are eligible.

Once done, you can select the eligible items from your online account and apply for a OneBox service—one box, one shipping fee, and one way to save money while shopping simultaneously.

Learn more about OneBox here.


Tip #2: More shipments, more rewards.

Not all freight-forwarding companies offer perks for loyal customers, but comGateway does with its Prime Rewards system. 

Once you’ve made 3 international shipments, your account automatically acquires Prime status for 6 months. Under Prime status, you get to enjoy the following perks: 

– Up to 5% discount on shipping rates

– 7% of item cost for BuyForMe service

Faster shipping for standard rates

– Free 60-day storage of packages

Repacking and consolidation discounts


Tip #3: Get a tax-free US address.

Sales tax is one of the additional fees that make shopping on US online stores discouraging. But what if we tell you that you don’t have to worry about it with comGateway?

Upon creating an account with comGateway, we will give you a sales tax-free US address that you can use for your US packages. We’ll send you a notification once your packages have arrived.

From our warehouse, you can manage your packages on how you want them shipped on your doorstep.

Sign up for free here.


Tip #4: Coupons are the way to go.

Coupons are always welcome when it comes to online shopping. The more coupons, the more items you can purchase.

Shop more and save more with comGateway’s A+-graded deals and coupon codes from US online stores. Check them out here.

Treat yourself to a cheap and quality shipping experience when you sign up for a comGateway account now. 

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