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Travel photography with 3DR’s Solo GoPro Drone


Take travel photography into a whole new level with the world’s first smart drone

What it is, Why you need it, and 5 Features that makes it Smarter:

#1 The Augmented Reality feature

What it does: Sync your mobile to the Solo app, and this feature will overlay visuals in real time on your mobile’s screen; for example, it will animate your home point, or your Orbit point of focus. Why you need it: It improves the visualization and execution of shots, as it provides real-time scene awareness for safer, more informed flights once you are able to see what goes on in your surroundings.

Get a visual overview of the spot you are standing on

#2 The Geofencing feature

What it does: Lets you define a virtual fence around the Solo drone at any time in flight, just by cropping boundaries on your mobile’s screen. Why you need it: It lets you block off nearby obstacles or entire areas easily. No “stuck in a tree” tragedies.

Create boundaries and fence off areas you don’t want to venture into

#3 The Rewind feature

What it does: With the press of a button, the Solo drone will retrace its exact path for the last 60 feet of your flight to ensure it avoids obstacles on its way back home. Why you need it: It brings your drone back to you, effortlessly . Just sit back, and watch as you wait.

rewind2-2 (1).jpg
It remembers your route and retraces it back to you

#4 The Pano Smart Shot

What it does: The all-new Pano Smart Shot utilizes breakthrough computer-assisted cinema technology that enables users to capture complex shots that once required years of photography experience. Why you need it: It allows users to easily design and capture an aerial panorama. Take time to set up the perfect shot, then watch as Solo automatically pans and snaps the right photos at the right time.

Take your ideal shot with custom settings

#5 The Zipline Smart Shot

What it does: The Zipline Smart Shot allows users to set an infinite ray in any direction the camera is facing. The drone will then fly up and down that line, as you control speed and direction as well as the camera. Quickly fly in any direction to catch fast-moving subjects; or fly at an angle, even straight up, for dynamic shots. Bonus: Zipline also has a “spot lock” feature for fixing the camera on a point of interest independent from the zipline. Look at something, press spot lock and Solo keeps the camera fixed on the subject while the copter approaches and passes on the zipline, for a dramatic flyby.


Sounds simple enough?

Capture your travel memories with Solo by 3DR.

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