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Your “glamorous girlfriend” turns 125

No other magazine has played a more decisive role in fashion than Vogue has. Pick any style of women’s clothing from the last 125 years and you’re sure to trace its origins to its glossy pages. Not only has it chronicled the directions fashion has taken, it has practically charted its course. From Josephine Redding to Anna Wintour, its editor in chief’s patronage or dismissal can make or break a fashion designer’s career. Which model is the fairest of them all is the one whose face appears on Vogue’s cover.

What’s more, Vogue’s influence over American culture (therefore, global) is so powerful that it has inspired numerous other cultural icons as well. To name a few:  voguing, a dance style that mimics the poses of the models in the magazine; “Vogue,” a song by Madonna that has been the background music of countless runway shows; and “The Devil Wears Prada”, a humorous novel about life as a staff in a fashion magazine that has been turned into a movie.

In this blog, we pay homage to Vogue by devoting our selection to items that appears in its June 2017 issue. Like a true-blue Vogue woman, evoke timeless elegance with these dresses, accessories, and makeup straight from what Wintour has called as the “glamorous girlfriend”:

1. Please pick the flowers: Embroidered floral off-shoulder dress by Karl Lagerfeld Paris For the collection he designed exclusively for Vogue’s 125th anniversary, legendary fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld searched for silhouettes through the publication’s archives and scattered heads of roses all over them. Put on this embroidered off-shoulder dress, carry this Chanel hobo bag, and watch sparks fly between you and your date.

TVW-3Karl Lagerfeld Paris | Embroidered Floral Off-the-Shoulder Dress – $198.00
International shipping weight – 1.0 kg
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TVW-6Chanel | Gabrielle Hobo Bag – $3,600.00
International shipping weight – 5.5 kg
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2. Divinely inspired: V-neck asymmetric button-down dress by Khaite  A must-have for the modern-day muse, this white dress by Khaite has details that flatter the figure, especially if you’re the round-bodied type. The V-neck makes your neck look longer while the asymmetric hemline enhances your body’s shape. Wear this to a beach wedding with an elegantly streamlined piece of accessory like these ivory sunglasses from Salvatore Ferragamo.


Khaite | V-Neck Asymmetric Button Down Dress – $1,050.00
International shipping weight – 1.5 kg
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TVW-7Salvatore Ferragamo | Oversize Squared Frame Sunglasses – $135.00
International shipping weight – 1.5 kg
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3. Rocker chic : Le Smoking Spencer cropped jacket by Yves Saint Laurent In 1988, for her first cover as editor-in-chief, Anna Wintour put an Israeli model in a Christian Lacroix shirt with a jeweled cross in front and a pair of stonewashed jeans. It was starkly different from the covers before it, where the models are entirely in haute couture. Take a leaf from Anna’s brazenness and don something unexpected like this Yves Saint Laurent jacket with crystal-studded lapels.

vogue blog yves saint laurent jacket

Yves Saint Laurent | Cropped Jacket With Faceted Crystals – $3,890.00
International shipping weight – 2.5 kg
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4. Al dainty: Printed silk charmeuse dress by Dolce and Gabbana You wouldn’t dream of having spaghetti on your silk dress. But then again, you probably would, if the spaghetti is a printed design like the one in this long-sleeved D&G charmeuse silk dress with jeweled buttons.


Dolce & Gabbana | Printed Silk Charmeuse Dress – $1,797.00
International shipping weight – 2.0 kg
Get it here!

5. Midsummer night’s dream girl: Embroidered tulle layer gown by Adam Selman Although she knows that understatement can speak volumes, the Vogue Woman isn’t afraid to make bold statements, too. Make your own with this blue tulle gown with embroidered rose vines by Adam Selman and see everyone listen.

vogue blog adam selman gown

Adam Selman | Embroidered Tulle Overlay Gown – $1,750.00
International shipping weight – 5.5 kg
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Makeup tips

If you’re dressed up in something elaborate such as the Adam Selman gown, it’s better to stick to natural-looking makeup. Use lightweight and subtle-colored products like Lancome’s Teint Idole 24H Long-wear Foundation. It’s in liquid form so you can apply it using your fingers to better adjust the coloration to your skin tone.


Lancome | Teint Idole Ultra 24h Long Wear Foundation – $47.00
International shipping weight – 0.5 kg
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Glittery dresses, on the other hand, like the YSL jacket, call for a flashier makeup. Ditch the demure look and bring out the sparkle, like the NARS Limited Edition Orgasm Blush. Depending on your skin tone, you can either get a soft glow if you’re fair-skinned or a warm golden shimmer if you’re darker.


Nars | Limited Edition Orgasm Blush – $30.00
International shipping weight – 0.5 kg
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