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What Shoppers are Buying from the US

What customers are buying
Back in 2012, Bakas Media estimates there are 900,000 U.S. merchants with an e-commerce solution. Now in 2018, U.S. online shops are in a million. And a lot of us wonder, what’s inside those boxes and bags we sent out. What international shoppers buy from the U.S.?

Here we tour you to our Repacking Area. Packages here are either cut-down, transferred to a polybag or combined in OneBox to help customers reduce shipping weight and cost. Now, see for yourself what others are buying from the U.S. and get them for yourself too!

MiniBe Tokidoki – Sushi Cars
$75.00 |
Get it Here!
POP! Cereal: Funko-O’s
$7.99 | Get it Here!
Playstation 4 Games
starts at $2.24 | Get it Here!
Halo Beauty
$39.95 | Get it Here!
Geek Fuel Exp
starts at $53.00 | Get it Here!
Drunk Elephant JuJu Bar
$28.00 | Get it Here!
Launchpad Mini
$114.99 | Get it Here!
Crystal Quartz Brush Set
$26.00 | Get it Here!
Jaclyn Hill Eyeshadow Palette $38.00 | Get it Here!
Pop Art 10 Piece Brush Set
starts at $20.00 | Get it Here!
North Face Footwear
starts at $100.00 | Get it Here!


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