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Why Brands Like Nike, Forever 21, and American Eagle should be 1 of the 7 deadly sins?

Let’s start with a disclaimer — there’s nothing spiritual about this piece, well, unless you consider fashion a religion and you’re one of these brands’ worshipers.

Ask people on the streets and you will find it hard to bump into someone who doesn’t know what Nike, Forever 21, and American Eagle is. There’s probably not a day that goes by without someone purchasing an item from these big names or from all of them.

While it may be a sin to be overly obsessive and crave for anything excessive, adding more  to your wardrobe is a transgression you can get away with. It doesn’t matter if you desire clothes due to vanity, plain gluttony, or simply out of greed; it’s fashion after all and in the words of Alexander McQueen, rules no longer apply here.

Forever Feminine

Nothing lasts forever but this apparel has definitely lasted longer than some would expect considering the competition. Amidst the tough battle for brand recognition, Forever 21 manages to carve a place of its own. It also now has a large following of mostly young women who values practicality over exclusivity, without sacrificing aesthetics and quality.

Apparel-Forever 21-Contemporary Crochet Maxi Dress.png

Contemporary Crochet Maxi Dress by Forever 21
International shipping weight -1.5 kg

Channel your inner Boho-chic self with this maxi dress made from woven crepe. The straps are also adjustable for a better fit.

Apparel-Forever 21-Floral Off-the-Shoulder Dress.png

Floral Off-the-Shoulder Dress by Forever 21
International shipping weight – 1.5 kg

Get a little bit bolder with this off-shoulder, floral-print dress. No need to worry about accidental slips because this dress has an inner grip tape to prevent an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction from happening.

Sports Staple

If there’s one clothing brand with an undeniable omnipresence, that would be Nike. You see it every day, you see it everywhere, and almost every fitness buff you know own at least one. But you don’t have to be into athletics or a workout enthusiast to be worthy of this brand; if you want to wear it, just do it.

Apparel-Nike-NikeLab Windrunner x Kim Jones Jacket.png

NikeLab Windrunner X Kim Jones Jacket by Nike
International shipping weight -2.5 kg

A product of NikeLab and Louis Vuitton’s Artistic Director’s collaboration, this origami-inspired jacket sports the colors and design that sets it apart from other Nike products.

Apparel-Nike-Nike Women's Training Tank.png

Women’s Training Tank by Nike
International shipping weight – 0.5 kg

Get back to the basics with this tank top designed with Nike’s Dri-FIT technology to keep your dry and comfortable during an intense workout.

All American Adventure

American Eagle Outfitters believe that it’s the young people who create a better world and these young people are whom they are after. With a vast collection of casual, urban, and fashion-forward apparel, this clothing brand is set to serve everyone’s taste in clothing.

Apparel-American Eagle-AEO Lace Bell Sleeve Shirt.png
AEO Lace Bell Sleeve Shirt by American Eagle
International shipping weight – 0.5 kg

Bring out your inner flower child with this loose-fit, slightly sheer top. This is also available in blue and brown color.

Apparel-American Eagle-Aerie Woven Button Down Shirt.png

Aerie Woven Button Down Shirt by American Eagle
International shipping weight – 0.5 kg

Nothing says casual fashion better than a plaid button down shirt. Made from woven flannel with a super soft hand feel, this simple and laid back piece is a beautiful contradiction to the clothing brand’s adventurous reputation.

Don’t have them yet? It’s not yet too late to get one! Have fun shopping!






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