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Your Guide to Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2018



Avid techies and shoppers of US websites, hang tight because we’re almost to the days that two of the biggest US holiday sales will arrive: Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

But for those who cannot wait to fill up their carts with discounted products, there are already lots of pre-Black Friday deals you can already grab if you want to be ahead of everyone else!

Tip: Bookmark this page because we’ll continuously update it with lots of deals prior to the sales event!
We’re sure that you’re already squirming on your seats waiting for the event but before you get in way overhead and overspend (which we know that you’re bound to do), sit back, relax, and let us guide you towards scoring great bargains amidst the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales madness.

When are the dates for this year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday?
If you insist on waiting for the best deals until Black Friday, then you’ll have to watch out come November 23, which is the actual date of the event. Cyber Monday, on the other hand, follows soon after on November 26.

Most sales, however, evolved from a one-day exclusive sale to a week-long (and sometimes event month-long) event, so it’s important to keep yourself updated with stores that you follow and make sure to keep your eyes peeled. Speaking of stores…

Which stores can I shop from on these sales?
Even though you can’t physically be there, you can still enjoy shopping from the online counterparts of your favorite stores. Here are some of the top online stores giving you excellent deals and bargains for your Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping:


Amazon Black Friday

It’s no surprise why you should watch out for great bargains on Amazon if you want to join in on the Black Friday and Cyber Monday madness. The online shopping giant is slashing prices on a wide array of products from electronics and toys for kids (and kids-at-heart) to apparel.

But of course, the items that are worth checking out the most are its device line-up so if you’re looking to score deals for Amazon Fire tabletEchoKindle, and more, here’s your chance. The best part is, they’re offering free shipping for the holidays with no minimum purchase required, even for non-Prime members!


Gap Black Friday Blog 1115
Last year, one of our top merchants during Black Friday and Cyber Monday season was Gap, based on the number of packages we’ve sent out. And if you’re thinking of getting fresh clothes to add to your wardrobe, Gap is one of the top stores offering great deals on apparel both on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Ralph Lauren

RL Black Friday Blog

Another favorite high-end fashion brand known for bringing amazing deals during these sales events is Ralph Lauren. If you want to have your very own luxury piece of clothing from this esteemed brand without having to battle your way through the aisles, stay tuned on Ralph Lauren’s website and wait for their amazing deals for Black Friday.

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