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*The flat-fee shipping promo ended on 14 November 2021.

Cheapest international shipping from the US to Hong Kong and Malaysia

• Get as much as 50% off with our Flat-Fee Shipping Rates
• Pay as low as $16.99 for Lite Members and $14.99 for Prime Members
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How to avail of our Flat-Fee shipping promo

It's simple, just ship an eligible package and pay only the flat-fee shipping rate when you ship anywhere in Hong Kong or Malaysia!

How to know if my package is eligible for this promo

You are eligible to avail of the promo if your package fits these criteria for inclusion:
Single Package Icon

you are shipping a single package

0.5 to 2 kg weight Icon

shipping weight is between 0.50kg - 2.00kg

More than 7 days storage icon

has been in storage for not more than 7 days

not OneBox Icon

not a OneBox package

Hazardous Goods Icon

does not contain Hazardous Goods, Loose Lithium batteries or Prohibited Items

Shipped via DHL Icon

will be shipped via DHL

Flat-fee Shipping Promo Hero Image

Eligible Package Flat-Fee Rates

Delivery Speed
Regular Rates
Flat-fee Rates
You Save
Standard (6-8 biz days)
up to $30.50
Express (3-5 biz days)
up to $36.60
Express (3-5 biz days)
up to $29.45
Express (3-5 biz days)
up to $28.58
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Flat-fee Shipping Badge

FAQs and T&Cs

How would I know if my package is eligible for flat-fee shipping?
Flat-fee Badge

A flat-fee badge will be visible for eligible packages. Please note that selecting more than one eligible package for International Shipping will cancel their eligibility.

Why is my package not eligible for flat-fee shipping?

Eligible packages are those that go through the routine processes, have minimal handling, and are labor-efficient. The inclusion criteria will help us provide low-cost shipping while still providing excellent service.

My package can be repacked down to fit the eligible shipping weight. How can I avail the flat-fee rate?

On the chosen package, click the MORE ACTION button (…), then select and agree with the Repack service available for your package. If the repack weight is 2.00 kg or less and meets the rest of the inclusion criteria, a flat-fee shipping badge will appear beside your package.

What courier do you use for flat-fee shipments?

All flat-fee shipments will be delivered by DHL. If your preferred courier is FedEx, your package will not be eligible but you may contact Customer Support to have your preferred courier removed from your account.

Are there other fees payable aside from the flat-fee shipping rate?

The flat-fee rate applies to International Shipping or freight cost only. This does not include surcharges or insurance fees.

Does comGateway charge Customs Duty and Tax?

comGateway is not responsible for charging local Customs Duties and Taxes. Since Hong Kong is a free port, it does not levy any Customs tariff on imports.

Meanwhile, Malaysian Customs imposes Standard Goods and Service Tax for shipments with CIF value over MYR 500. If applicable, GST will be payable to the delivering courier.

Can I use other promotional codes on top of the Flat-Fee Shipping offer?

Promotional codes cannot be applied to Flat-Fee shipments. On the other hand, paying using your comGateway dollars (CGW$) is allowed.

I have a promotional code I want to use. How can I ship at the regular rate?

To balance the usage of promotional offers and low flat-fee shipping rates, the regular rates cannot be applied to an eligible package until the flat-fee rates are in effect. You may select multiple packages to cancel the eligibility.

Promo Terms and Conditions

The Promotional Flat-Fee Shipping Rate is valid for a limited time only and applies to all comGateway members shipping to Hong Kong and Malaysia. comGateway reserves the right to amend, change, or stop the promotion at any time without prior notice to the members. We also reserve the right to deny usage of the promotion if there is suspected fraud, tampering, violation/s of the terms and conditions, or technical error/s. General comGateway terms and conditions apply.

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