Combine your packages in OneBox and save as much as 80% on shipping weight

For online shoppers who want to save on shipping.


The most practical way to ship


Buy from multiple online stores and ship it to your free U.S. address.


Wait for all your packages to arrive at your U.S. address and we'll tell you which ones are eligible for OneBox.


We will remove unnecessary packing materials and put your items in OneBox to reduce your shipping weight.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is OneBox?

OneBox is a special reduction service by comGateway for customers who shop from multiple online stores. Our U.S. warehouse team combines multiple orders into a container: a box or a polybag, to reduce volumetric weight.

What is Shipping Weight?

Shipping weight is determined by the volumetric weight and actual weight of a shipment - whichever is greater. Volumetric weight determines how bulky your package is by identifying the box length, width and height.

Why is shipping multiple orders individually more expensive?

When shopping from multiple online stores and shipping directly, you pay multiple international shipping fees, which can be expensive. Combining packages and shipping them as one package greatly reduce the shipping weight. With OneBox, no need to pay for consolidation and reduction fee per package.

How can OneBox help save on shipping fees?

OneBox helps you save up to 80% in shipping weight by transferring and combining the contents of multiple packages (of your choosing) to a box or bag of the lowest possible volumetric weight. However, if OneBox increased the resulting package's weight, we cap it to the Pre-OneBox shipping weight, and we'll refund the processing fee too!

How much is the OneBox fee?

With effect on 8 February 2021, the OneBox fee will be:

First 3 Packages US $10.00
Each Subsequent Package US $2.00

Are all packages eligible for OneBox?

With the safety of your packages during international shipment in mind, we are excluding certain products that may pose risk or compromise your other packages such as lithium batteries and other prohibited goods.



33 packages

Before: 42.50KG = $360.00

After: 21.00KG = $188.00

51% weight reduction

$172.00 savings

You organized a OneBox for the packages I had in storage which arrived promptly at my home. I'm grateful for the excellent service and the timeliness in which you handled my request.


5 packages

Before: 8.00KG = $69.50

After: 1.50KG = $27.25

81% weight reduction

$42.25 savings

I would like to extend my appreciation for your team's fast response. This is my first time using your services after reading many good reviews online and getting good recommendations from my colleagues. It's wonderful to hear that OneBox is finally here!


3 packages

Before: 7.50KG = $57.30

After: 2.50KG = $24.80

67% weight reduction

$32.50 savings

Special thanks to Philip for providing the OneBox service to help me save on shipping fees!

South Africa

15 packages

Before: 27.00KG = $180.75

After: 11.50KG = $90.85

57% weight reduction

$89.90 savings

All of my experiences with your team have exceeded my expectations, I could not be happier with your services! I have begun shipping additional items to my free U.S. address that I'd normally ship to my home because of your new OneBox service. It's easier and more economical! This is why I consistently and confidently recommend you to friends, family, and colleagues.

Hong Kong

4 packages

Before: 10.50KG = $85.75

After: 4.00KG = $43.50

62% weight reduction

$42.25 savings

Excellent service! I really love the BuyForMe and the OneBox service!


8 packages

Before: 16.00KG = $112.55

After: 8.00KG = $60.55

50% weight reduction

$52.00 savings

I'd like to give positive feedback for OneBox. As I requested, your team put some bubble wrap inside so that nothing is damaged when the box was opened. All the items inside was packed nicely and everything was accounted for.

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